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Mould Manufacturing

Our mould manufacturing unit can manufacture various complex mould in shortest possible lead time.

8+ Mould Makers With 15+ Years of experience

State-Of-the-Art Manufacturing

High Speed CNC Machining Advance Precision Machining Techniques.


In broadest terms, Design for Manufacturability (DFM) - also known as Design for Manufacturing - is the process of consciously and proactively designing products to optimize all facets of manufacturing, including injection moulding. DFM aligns engineering and production in the initial design phase so potential problems can be identified and resolved before they result in costly rework.
Our experienced mould designers provide a complete analysis on the product's manufacturability. We will verify that your part can be injection moulded as desired before we start manufacturing by using the latest DFM Tools & MoldFlow to save manufacturers time and money by identifying:

  • task_alt Analysis of product
  • task_alt Detail check list
  • task_alt Manufacturing Capability
  • task_alt Quicker response time

Mold Flow

Mold Flow software helps reduce manufacturing defects through plastic injection molding simulation. Access tools for injection mold design, plastic part design, and mold processing.
With our Certified Gold Partner we provide a complete mold flow analysis with all the different aspects of the injection moulding process.

  • task_alt Runner balancing
  • task_alt Molud cooling Analysis & optimization
  • task_alt Fiber orientation Analysis
  • task_alt Gate location Optimization
  • task_alt Sequence optimization
  • task_alt Warpage simulation
  • task_alt Insert & Over moulding simulation

Mould Design

We have expert mould designers with automotive industry, having 20+ years of experience. We continually develop and push the boundaries of tool design.

  • task_alt 12+ Mould Designers
  • task_alt Quicker response time
  • task_alt Ongoing Refinement of Standards
  • task_alt Cost Effective design
  • task_alt 3D Motion simulation

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